Bel Esprit – Lose My Mind

belespritDue to an incredibly busy last month or so it has taken me much longer than I would have liked to get around to reviewing this marvellous track from Bel Esprit. ‘Lose My Mind‘ has everything that I loved about 00s indie as a teenager along with a little added maturity and class which help make it stand proud on the shoulders of any competitors.

Having already accrued well over 35,000 plays on Soundcloud (making me wish I had indeed got around to writing this first time around), the band have taken some of the very best elements of The Strokes with a rampaging rhythm section that relentlessly pounds away whilst the voice of Billy Herklots strikes a chord with every inch of rebellious nature I’ve ever had. The guitar riffs are just as intense and powerful and when it is able to take centre stage you should find yourself marvelling in the expertly constructed tone and melodic brilliance that shows an understanding of the instrument that has been so often missing from indie bands in recent years.

Lose My Mind’ is a driving stroke of indie genius complete with guitars that capture youthful angst and a voice that could define a generation. I’ll take a second helping please.

Ciaran Steward

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