Bang Bang Romeo – We Were Born

bbrI’ve been a fan of Bang Bang Romeo for quite a while now and I’m somewhat perplexed by the fact that this is the first time I’m actually writing about them. Nevertheless, being able to delve head-first into their latest EP ‘We Were Born‘ is something worth doing no matter the time or place.

As soon as the screeching guitar brings the trio of songs into life, you can feel something special is heading your way – like a runaway train filled with everything you’d ever desired, without the level of destruction you’d expect from such an instance. ‘Carnival‘ is dark and menacing, setting the scene of desolate streets that are poorly lit by flickering streetlights. Anastasia Walker’s voice is utterly astounding, it has all the power of Beth Ditto and hints of the soulful delight that made Aretha Franklin so great. Once the crescendo approaches, the guitars take over, ably accompanied by a belting voice, crashing cymbals and a smooth bass. It’s like being carried away on a bed of musical genius.

Reach Out‘ is a pounding, pulsating tune with an excellent and infectious chorus. Lyrically very driven, the warpath lined out by the band is strictly followed throughout and there’s a real determination to get to the core of the the music. I can’t help but think of The Gossip once again yet Bang Bang Romeo are so much more appealing as they are able to attack a song with as much power and energy as a relentless tornado. Closing things off is ‘Johannesburg‘ which you’re eased into by a rhythm section introduction before Walker’s delightful voice entices you further. As the song grows fully into life, we’re treated to another catchy refrain which is accompanied by some perfectly judged guitar riffs. The tone is set with ease and all 4 members of the band are on exactly the same wavelength, every last decision in the crafting of the EP seems to have come from a united train of thought.

Bang Bang Romeo are much more than just another indie band to add to the pile. They’ve got real potential.

Ciaran Steward

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