Charlotte Carpenter – Take It All

ccWhat an EP. Seriously. What a wonderfully mellow and soulful work of art. I’m usually much more into the rampaging guitars and driven beats of 00s indie knock-offs or anything vaguely reminiscent of the 60s but I got my teeth so far into these sound that I’m still pulling fragments of CD out of my gums. Charlotte Carpenter has such a delightful voice that I can feel every last nerve in my body settled at once and an urge to lay back, close my eyes and simply indulge myself in her beautiful sounds.

There are 5 tracks making up this offering, each more alluring than the last – well, it would be unfair to rank them in that order as it’s more a case of me being blown away each time a song strolls effortlessly into life. ‘Every Now And Then‘ is a sensual, swaying monument that would suit the most adventurous Argentine Tango. Carpenter’s voice is the centrepiece for this enticing world of mystery, intrigue and pure wonder. The title track has an alluring vocal refrain that will have you begging for more, the music is so appealing that you’ll be urging each and every beat to pull you in further until you’re wrapped head to toe in a world of pure musical bliss.

If I Could‘ will have you wishing you could help this aspiring songstress as she calls out in vain, a chillingly brilliant lyrical subject absolutely knocked out of the park, made even more impressive by Carpenter’s youth. Closing out the album is ‘Blood Ties‘ and you’ll have to start preparing to be emotionally drained for the final time. There’s something so deep and meaningful about every last word spoken by our hostess, this isn’t your run of the mill singer-songwriter level. There’s more attention to detail than you’d find on the Leaning Tower Of Pisa, your heart will sink more than the Grand Canyon and Carpenter’s allure grows greater than a certain wall over in Asia. I’m not generally someone who gets emotional when listening to music, being excited like a puppy excluded, yet I couldn’t help but feel close to tears throughout this EP. It’s a work of sheer brilliance.

To put it bluntly, Charlotte Carpenter has a voice which makes my heart jump and is quite possibly shaping up to knock Laura Marling off her pedestal. Listen to these marvellous tracks and find yourself falling in love with a voice that knows no bounds.

Ciaran Steward

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