Cross Wires – Your History Defaced

crowsI love it when something sounds rough and ready, like it could be recorded in any garage or bedroom across the country, yet there is enough about it to show you that the composers know a thing or two more about their craft than your everyday teenage guitarist. Cross Wires are able to combine a rugged sound with catchy riffs and pure aural energy to create an EP that’ll get you excited.

There’s something almost funky about the delivery in certain places, off-beat guitars are a welcome respite from the intense, rampaging strums that are a driving force not unlike that of an elephant on the loose. You can hear the influence of The Sex Pistols on closing track ‘Vultures‘ as they once again set the focus to smashing through each and every beat until your eardrums can’t take the pounding any more. There’s all the lyrical angst you might expect in a track where the ‘misunderstood’ features so heavily. The drumming on this song is cracking.

However, it was opening track ‘Modern Art‘ that first brought the band to my attention – the dissonant chords resolving into a world of not understanding and a chorus that emanates a wealth of power and resilience. Lyrically cynical and with a bassline as simple as they come, the track could be an anthem for the masses who find themselves sick and tired of the ridiculous and unnecessary sections of modern art. ‘Shades Of Light And Dark‘ could have been pinched from one of The Jam’s first outings, though once again the bass could perhaps a hint of creativity in my eyes – get some Bruce Foxton in you, that ought to do it. I’m probably being a tad critical as I’m a bassist myself and, in fact, the choices fit the style of punk infused rock that the band provide in fathoms.

It’s no surprise that the band describe themselves as from Romford/Bethnal Green as the Southern accent and stylistic choices are evident, making an Essex boy like me grin like cast of TOWIE when they’re told how much they’ll be paid this year. Minus the fake tan, of course. This is the sort of sound that will undoubtedly fill dancefloors and moshpits alike, you’ll struggle to keep yourself from getting whipped into a frenzy by Cross Wires.

Ciaran Steward

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