Kids On Bridges – Bankers To Feed

Kids On Bridges - (Single) Bankers To Feed PACK SHOT ARTWORKHaving absolutely loved their track ‘Walls‘, I’m glad to see that the latest release from Kids On Bridges is utterly brilliant. Musically enticing, the swipe it takes at the bankers is exactly the political stance that has so often been missing in music in recent years.

Though we seem to be out of the worst of things financially, for now, ‘Bankers To Feed‘ prays on the general public’s disgust at the decisions taken by financially motivated bankers in recent years. Whilst the lyrics address this very serious issue, the music takes sounds that sound like they could have featured on the first series of The Mighty Boosh – which is no mean feat by anyone’s standards. With a catchy chorus that could easily become a chant against the big-wigs of the city, Kids On Bridges accurately capture the general feeling of animosity held by most of us with their raging bassy beats and exquisite, reverberating guitar riffs.

With a audible feeling of disdain within the grit-laced vocals, this is a track that will surely have the masses in agreement. The video’s pretty entertaining too – have a look;

Ciaran Steward


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