Girl Friend – Stop

Screen shot 2014-09-25 at 11.43.10With hints of Arctic Monkeys’ latest offering easy to hear in this delightful piece of so-called ‘dark pop’ from Manchester-based 5-piece outfit Girl Friend, the band are clearly well aware of what it takes to make music truly great. Though they may not have the most creative name, they are certainly not short in musical talent and creativity as ‘Stop‘ has all the hallmarks of an instant indie classic.

What makes this track so appealing to me is the beautifully soft voice which graces your ears as if it were the aural equivalent of a fine pair of silk pyjamas. The transitions are seamless, the guitar effects are judged so well that I might have to enquire about them for my own purposes and the effects on the words “voices in my head’ are exactly what you’d hope to hear. For me, the distant guitars in the breakdown/middle 8/whatever the kids are calling it nowadays is what makes this track a cut above any rivals.

There’s much more than meets the ear to this excellent 4 minutes of music from Girl Friend as it can be enjoyed on the simplest of levels for providing an exquisite sound whilst delving a little deeper will only add further layers to your appreciation of a mighty fine toe-tapper. Top marks.

 Ciaran Steward

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