Shake Tiger Shake – A Rush Inside Me

Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 14.12.10(I’m only going to say this once SO LISTEN UP! Apparently someone else likes finding new music, who knew? More importantly, she wanted to contribute to WCT which is ace. So, without further ado, here’s me handing off responsibility to someone else. Outsourcing is brilliant! Naturally, here’s my disclaimer saying these are Isabel’s views, not mine – so you should thank her for the kind words and for bringing this to your attention! Have I gone on enough yet? Yes. Far too much. Anyway, here’s Isabel’s review.)

Shake Tiger Shake are a newish band whom I have watched develop in sound and style for the past couple of years. Their recent release, ‘A Rush Inside Me‘ takes on the edge of a more soulful sounding AlunaGeorge, using the softer side of electro to create a decadent, characterful pop song. This is however undercut by a dirty synth sound and honey coated vocals similar to those found in the late 70s, belonging to disco greats such as Diana Ross and Kathy Sledge (lead singer of Sister Sledge).

The electro-duo, Paul Withey and Sarah Lazenby, are able to create catchy, undeniably sexy tunes using soft rounded lyrics adding to their sultry sound and persona. ‘Rush Inside Me‘ embraces all these elements and provides only a taster of what this band is about. It is the talents of both Withey and Lazenby together that creates something very special onstage. Their enticing image, inspired by a mix of Carnaby Streets ‘Lazy Oaf’ and Fleetwood Macs’ Stevie Nicks floaty florals, mirrors the infused sound of old and new in their music and makes a live gig a must see. The showcasing of production and lyrical skill in recorded tracks is also something to be admired and will soon be magnified by their forthcoming album.

Shake Tiger Shake have been praised by 6Music and featured on Dermot O’Leary’s Radio Two show. They are unique in both sound and style and should not be overlooked, particularly at a time when electro and hints of disco are working simultaneously in the industry to create great modern music.

Isabel Dakin

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