I/M/M/I/G/R/A/N/T/S – Daddy

10527847_790032547686716_4035748639144964987_nUnited through their time studying music at Goldsmiths, I/M/M/I/G/R/A/N/T/S don’t exactly follow in the footsteps of the course’s previous alumni members Katy B and James Blake. Whilst they try their hand at a darker, somewhat sinister region of the musical spectrum there is clearly a wealth of talent on offer and the haunting chorus lyric lingers and plays on your mind considerably longer than you might like.

There are snippets of harsh electric guitars which keep everything from getting bogged down in monotony, adding enough to keep the song exciting and original. The bass tone is an absolute delight to listen to, it’s so filthy that whilst part of me wanted to listen to it all day there’s a region of my brain desperate to find a vacuum cleaner. Ultimately, for me, it is the lead vocal that takes centre stage and pulls you in.

This is a truly dark and harrowing track, but it knows exactly what it is and uses the listener’s curiosity to catch them in a web of secrets. Not for the faint-hearted or weak-willed but I’d happily recommend this to anyone that likes a walk on the wild side.

Ciaran Steward

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