Bear Paw – I Need a Reason

rawrOne could easily be forgiven for assuming that this was an off-cut from Noel Gallagher’s debut solo outing from the opening strums of the acoustic guitar, an unintentional pretense carried on through lyrical patterns and harmonies that may have you questioning whether there was some form of Oasis-based intervention during the creation of the song. Nevertheless, you’re unlikely so hear an acoustic fronted band that will stir your emotions this much any time soon.

Having unexpectedly meandered into the path of Bear Paw through their appearance at the inaugural Indigo Sessions back in July, I was pleased to receive their latest offering and plugged it into my ears on an early morning to help brighten the day. The drumming is impressive on the track, whilst happy to sit back and simply dictate tempo for the majority of the song they act as a a welcome precursor to each section change – something U2 could have done with on their dreadful album that, given away for free, cost far too much. Whilst the electric guitar and bass are well-played throughout, and indeed help make the song more than yet another acoustic offering that could send you to sleep, it is the presence of Jon Fazal (guitar & lead vocals) which makes the band a cut above the rest. His vocal delivery is sublime in its simplicity and there can be no questioning of his legions of musical prowess.

Whilst I might generally prefer something a little more upbeat, there’s plenty to be excited about with Bear Paw and I whole heartedly recommend you wrapping your ears around this beauty.

Ciaran Steward

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