Jet Setter – Dippin’ Toes

jetsetIt’s a music video about 4 guys going out and getting pizza. Incredibly simple, very silly and making me rather hungry. This brand new video from Jet Setter is a great watch as it shows off a humanity that young indie bands are often trying to stifle in favour of that ever-illusive “cool” look. They may not be taking themselves too seriously in the visual department, however, ‘Dippin’ Toes‘ brings plenty of aural pleasure.

Whilst the bass and drums provides a solid base for everything to expand upon, we’re treated to some cracking guitar riffs up front alongside a vocal that has all the swagger you’d hope to hear in someone channelling the very best Britpop vibes. This is a bunch of lads that have definitely grown up on the good stuff – old-fashioned guitar music. You can hear everything from the finest rock and roll through to epic guitar bands such as The Strokes. In just over 2 minutes the band are able to get into full flow and the finished product is utterly flawless.

This is very pleasing stuff indeed. Right, I’m off for a snack…

Ciaran Steward

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