BREEZE – Post Youth

breeeeeLo-fi rock has become such a huge market at the moment, bands like Royal Blood seem to be selling plenty of records by continuing a musical tradition that has filled pubs and small venues for years. Whilst it is indeed great to hear so many bands in this style making waves, it does unfortunately mean that everyone and their dog thinks they’re able to make this sort of thing and make a quick fortune. So how do BREEZE fare? Well, they’re not bad by anyone’s standards!

There’s a delightfully independent sound to ‘Post Youth‘ which gives the feeling that it could be being made by any teenager in their bedroom, a garage or wherever there’s a space for music to be made. Whilst your ear will be most likely drawn to the rampant guitars, special mention needs to go to the brilliant phases of drumming that can be heard on the track. Otherwise, all the effects are spot on, the transitions are smooth and there are memorable riffs to be heard throughout. At times there are slight imperfections in the guitars and vocals – as there should be! No-one wants to hear something too polished when listening to something like this and yet the attention to detail of the band can be heard through the simple addition of hand claps.

A well-judged track, this is the music that you’ll be blasting out from behind closed doors.

Ciaran Steward

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