Daisy Victoria – Blue Arc

daiiiiI was planning to wait and get a full EP review up on site soon, however, there’s just something so alluring about Daisy Victoria‘s sound that I’ve had to bypass all the rules and scheduling to say a few words about ‘Blue Arc’ and the video that accompanies the song.

In a word, it’s fantastic. The song has Daisy’s style written all over it and with nods to the likes of St Vincent both aurally and visually this could well be the track that gets her the attention she so rightfully deserves. The vocals are, as always, wonderful and her range will once again captivate audiences whilst the guitar riff is one of her finest. Having seen this track performed live a few weeks ago I’m pleased to hear how little changes between the live and recorded sounds presented by this gem of an artist and every little detail within the song is utterly exquisite.

I recently made the bold claim of saying that Daisy Victoria is my top artist of 2014 and this latest offering continues her unrivalled oeuvre in spectacular fashion. Visually there’s plenty to keep you interested and the video is indeed a great work by itself (though I’m not 100% convinced by one or two of the wigs) and definitely matches the unmistakeable sound of someone with bags of talent to spare. It’s like watching Anna Calvi on acid.

It’s cracking.

Ciaran Steward

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