Triangle & Seed – Stay For Love

Screen shot 2014-10-27 at 17.05.50Whilst the tagging of the track on Soundcloud as being R&B may be slightly misleading, you can definitely hear a soulful vibe in the magnificent track from Triangle & Seed. The beauty of the song is in the simplicity – there’s no need to be brash or over the top with anything, you’re simply left to drift away on a bed of soft melodies and kept in check by the laid back beat as it keeps you from falling into a daze.

The use of the chipmunk style voice has my mind flooding with memories of Akon’s short-lived career in the headlines yet this feels significantly less intrusive and actually manages to add to the track, rather than making it merely a novelty. Tender vocals ring out sporadically, giving the listener enough time to digest every last syllable as it slowly overtakes using the left hand lane. Madness, I know. What is certain is that you will indeed want to stay for this song, for love and pleasure.

So why do I like this track so much? Well, that would have to be due to the strict two minute running time – you can get so easily lost in the swirling beauty of the texture that it may feel like an eternity yet in all reality this is merely a loading only stop. To mess with the boundaries of time, that takes something rather special indeed.

Ciaran Steward

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