Thee Deadtime Philharmonic – Protected

Screen shot 2014-10-30 at 11.45.30Think Madness. Think The Specials. This Reel Big Fish. Now you’re in the right frame of mind. Still your cup of tea? Good, then I can begin to explain the weird and wonderful sound of Thee Deadtime Philharmonic.

There are plenty of magnificent effects on hand to keep your ears pricked up to attention and the somewhat sombre feeling brought across by both the lyrics and sparse nature of the verses works well as a balance to the manic choruses. There’s a great control of energy within this track, restraint is shown when necessary yet when it’s time to let loose the band really go at it all guns blazing. The drums are sounding classic, organ-esque sounds are exactly what the doctor ordered and the social commentary on offer is something that is so often missing nowadays.

Though there might be a few minor elements that need ironing out, particularly with regards to the production as the female voice doesn’t seem quite as united with the rest of the track as I’d hope, this is a track that shows off quality lyric-writing and a real mix of raw passion and energy that can’t be faked.

Ciaran Steward

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