Owen Hackett – Moving Fast

ohmfRelax, make yourself a cup of tea. Turn off all electronic devices. Hang on, NOT THIS ONE! Sorry, that must have been confusing. Anyway, as I was trying to say, it is definitely time to unplug yourself from the technological sphere and indulge in some raw, acoustic sounds courtesy of the dulcet tones of Owen Hackett.

Once you let yourself really relax into the music you can appreciate every last strum, beat and lyric as if it were the only thing going on in your world. Sure, you’ve probably heard several things that sound like this EP before but it is that familiarity which makes this EP such a joy to listen to. It feels like you’re being swept back to a simpler time, before smartphones took over from… well, everything. Life is moving at a much slower pace in Owen’s world and I would relish the chance to have time pass by in slow motion for a while. It’s easy to get caught up in the self-harmonies featured on the EP – of course, there’s surely no-one better to harmonise with than yourself, who knows you better?

This is feel good music, made for a sunny afternoon – which I wouldn’t mind a couple more of this year if possible! Though it might be on the whole a rather ‘safe’ collection of songs, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with falling back into old habits if they’re as satisfying, enjoyable and good for the soul like this is. So just sit back, reminisce about summers gone by and let Owen Hackett send you back to a simpler, better time.

Ciaran Steward

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