Tessera Skies – Droplet

10630592_750338968368730_4066062375924401876_oIt’s rare that I’ll find myself falling in love with a track like this yet there’s such an inviting allure to the piano sound the brings ‘Droplet‘ into life that has me hooked from the very first second. Such an incredible atmosphere is created by the band that I’m happy to overlook some of the Coldplay similarities and simply marvel at the power that they’re able to create with something so simple, so raw and so wonderfully inspirational.

Maybe it’s just my emotional state getting the better of me but I genuinely feel that Tessera Skies have created something rather majestic here and it’s hard to hide my excitement for such a magnificent three and a half minutes of music. It’s as if they’ve been able to boil a musical down into a single song, bringing with it all the emotional ups and downs that the very best actors to take to the stage can only ever dream of mustering. Oh god, I’m turning into a teenage fangirl. What’s happening to me? Where’s my inner core of dark sarcasm and hatred for humanity gone? Somehow this song has managed to lower my defences and find, if you can believe it, a sensitive side. There’s something very wrong here but all I can seem to do is press that play button yet another time once the song comes to an end. Is this my life now? Alright, I can live with that. It’s all going to be ok. What beautiful lyrics How each and every sound graces my ears as if made by angels themselves!

I told you it was magnificent.

Ciaran Steward

(P.s. I’m sure I can find it in myself to remain grumpy, in case any of you were getting worried)

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