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Rormix Picks #15

It’s a little later in the day than you might usually expect to be presented with your regular selection of excellent videos from the folks over at Rormix but let me assure you that it is, unsurprisingly, my fault. So I won’t keep you any longer, here are this week’s picks;

Broken Links – Within Isolation

Broken Links are as melodic and hook laden as they are dark and haunting. Atmospheric guitars, haunting vocals and electronic soundscapes form a musical vehicle for emotionally complex lyrical themes, resulting in a dark and powerful aural experience.

Originally taking influence from an array of acts ranging from Joy Division, Depeche Mode, and Nine Inch Nails to Manic Street Preachers and Bush, Broken Links have evolved a sound that’s very unique to themselves and unlike anyone on the scene today.

BROKEN LINKS have built a loyal fanbase following the release of three self release EPs, the release of their debut album with ‘Devil Theory Records’, and playing shows with the likes of British Sea Power, The Chameleons, The Boxer Rebellion, InMe, My Vitriol, and 22 in the UK, Germany and Italy.

Broken Links



Scott Lloyd – God I Say

Scott Lloyd is fast becoming one of the most significant singer-songwriters in Manchester. Starting his musical days in his hometown of Middlesbrough, he moved to Manchester permanently in 2011 after studying music at MMU Cheshire.

His main musical influences come from American, Folk singer-songwriters of the 60s and 70s. Having a sound that has been liked to artists such as Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan. His songwriting and lyrical style brings out elements that make him stand out and very authentic against a mainly ‘band based’ music scene.

As well as releasing music, Scott has gigged relentlessly around the North of England over recent years. From open mic nights to festivals to sharing the stage with living legends, Scott has made his way around the circuit numerous times. In 2014 he played at Manchester’s famous Dot To Dot Festival, playing to a full house at The Thirsty Scholar. In 2013 he supported the legendary Terry Reid at the Blue Cat Cafe in Stockport. Terry was a major player in the British singer-songwriter scene of the 70s and was the man who introduced Robert Plant to Jimmy Page before Led Zeppelin.

Scott Lloyd



Straw Bear – The Land Witch

Straw Bear were formed slowly over a number of years, like sedimentary rock or a bad habit. They took their name from the Whittlesey Straw Bear festival, the first event in the pagan calendar (available at all good newsagents).

Ian and Chris began recording in their native Cambridgeshire, before Tom, Pas and Cate were sucked into their swirling musical eddy. But just as they had a full complement, the same violent forces of nature that brought them together rent them asunder and each found themselves flung to different parts of south-east England.

This hasn’t stopped them working on their second album. Black Bank is named after the Fenland road in which the album was recorded. Straw Bear are immensely proud of the 12 songs that make up the record. Produced with the unwavering support of Chris Taylor of The Bays at his Blue Barn Studio, Black Bank is a more complex, nuanced album than their first.

straw bear



Dropin Pickup – Cast Away

The brainchild of founding members, Mike Farrell and Milo Buitrago, Dropin Pickup has been making waves in the south Florida music scene for over a year. The Colombian-infused guitar styling of Milo accompanied by Mike’s reflective lyrics and catchy vocal melodies create a unique tonal quality that drives the distinctive sound that is Dropin Pickup.

There is now six members to the band and their with varying backgrounds produce an entirely new sound, and they continue to add guest performers that augment the impact of their songs. With contemplative lyrics, passionate performances, and diverse and energetic musicality, Dropin Pickup is poised to convert every listener within earshot.

dropin pickup



Sin Cos Tan – Limbo

Sin Cos Tan is a collaboration between Juho Paalosmaa and Jori Hulkkonen, formed in 2012. The duo had worked together previously, after Juri produced the debut album ‘Origin’ from Juho’s other band Villah Nah. In return Juho made a guest appearance on Jori’s album Man From Earth of the same year.
But while Villa Nah and Jori’s synthpop project Processory are taking a well deserved rest, new music at the back of their heads lead them to form Sin Cos Tan, a synthesized duo of great promise, broken dreams, and long nights.

sin cos tan


More from me tomorrow!


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