Rob Bravery – Knock Out Ginger

robbraThere’s an atmosphere to this song which sounds as if it has been written by Massive Attack at their peak, yet the finished product is certainly all the work of the rather talented Rob Bravery. Whilst a piano provides a lighter edge in places than you might expect from something so atmospheric, there’s a brooding feel to Rob’s sound that is carried throughout the song and creates a mysterious aura that impresses with ease.

Reverb expectedly plays an important role in the song yet it is the somewhat pop sound of the piano that provides a distraction from the potential doom and gloom that sounds like this can so easily slip into without warning. Somehow the song manages to be dark and mysterious whilst maintaining a lighter edge, something that can be considered a significant triumph as it is no mean feat. There are plenty of familiar sounds to be heard yet it is the distinctive individual spin on these old favourites that makes Bravery a talented songwriter within his own right.

This is a track well worth listening to, even if it doesn’t quite seem to know what it is trying to be. That said, why would it need to? It’s a great piece of music and shouldn’t be hindered by labels – it’s an exquisite, one of a kind offering. Not to like this would be criminal.

Ciaran Steward

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