SHOWSTAR – Happy Endings

Screen shot 2014-11-10 at 17.58.23How about a drop of dream-pop infused indie to wash away those Monday blues? Treat yourself to almost nine minutes of SHOWSTAR in the form of their epic track ‘Happy Endings‘. You’ll find yourself easily getting caught up by the reverb-fuelled vocal as it carries you through the song, accompanied by a flurry of atmospheric tones and a somewhat repetitive guitar riff.

At times repetition can be a bit of a problem with the track yet the general sound entering your ears is produced to a level so perfectly befitting this style of music that it’s easy to forgive the minimal progression. As much as I do like a slow build, this is perhaps a little too slow for my tastes and would definitely benefit from the running time being cut in half. That being said, there are plenty of delightful sounds on offer and the length certainly fits well with the shoegaze style of sound. Once we’re finally treated to something new there’s a sense of relief in the air and things do seem to finally get a little further off the ground.

But maybe I’m being a tad harsh, this track is indeed captivating and if you stick around (or skip to) the 6 minute mark there are some belting sounds to be had as the song really kicks into overdrive for a good 30 seconds. There’s definitely potential here and, whilst this still feels very much like a demo, you could definitely make a great song from what’s there. The slow build certainly pays off in the end.

Ciaran Steward

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