You, The Wolf – Little Brother

1398384_825385097483673_3327519315618812072_oIn a world where many people fuss over the tiniest production detail, it’s great to come across something with a warm, homemade feel to it that lets you know there are still plenty of people out there that know that the music and lyrics are ultimately more important than anything else. While ‘Little Brother‘ may not be the most polished song you hear this year, You, The Wolf have put together a track that will have your tear-ducts ready to flow as they expertly tell a story accompanied by a simple yet effective musical backing.

The straight-forward, honest nature of this song is what makes it so enthralling and it’s truly encouraging to hear something as open as this – being let into the heart of an artist makes a song infinitely more relatable and the band have certainly tapped into the rich vein of emotional connection with this effort. It’s lovely to hear such a great affinity between both vocalists and the guitar, there’s something deeply pleasing about hearing the guitar and vocals join together in melodies as it provides a genuine sense of musical awareness that many don’t take the time to explore.

Listening to ‘Little Brother‘ has been a genuinely pleasant experience and whilst they may have to compete with a wealth of other similar acts across the globe, You, The Wolf have got something rather special about them that leads me to believe that they’ll do just fine.

Ciaran Steward

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