Flyte – Light Me Up

Screen shot 2014-11-10 at 21.06.06Who wants to hear something brilliant? I know I can’t actually hear any of you from here but in my head there are thousands (please let me have this…) of you out there screaming ‘I do! Me!’ Well, any of you that shouted that, even if it was internally, are in for an absolute treat because this track from Flyte is ruddy brilliant!

Somehow the band are able to create a sound that is reminiscent of great music from years gone by whilst putting together a sound that is entirely their own and leads and bounds ahead of anyone else. The chorus is the perfect attention-grabber, after just one listen you’ll find yourself singing it for days on end. Guitars are used excellently throughout – constantly adding to the tremendous sound whilst never being too dominant in the mix – whilst the pounding drums that occasionally overpower everything else evoke memories of 80s classics. This song never stops moving and I find it hard to keep myself from getting up and dancing whilst I write this. Each note is sheer delight and this song will no doubt be one of the finest songs I hear this year.

It has all the charm of Bombay Bicycle Club yet there is a deeper affinity with music of our elders, the ideal combination for bringing your work to the masses whilst being safe in the knowledge that you haven’t sold out or given up any artistic integrity. In short, this song is nigh of perfection.

Ciaran Steward


  1. Hey! Thanks for sharing this, I just needed something new to listen to!

    It has that old school music feel. Something I could also jam to when travelling. 😉

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