Hugh Wilson – Talk Talk Talk

579153_10151864325618213_625110685_nHere’s something that’ll keep you warm through the winter months – Hugh Wilson‘s ‘Talk Talk Talk‘ will do more to keep you warm than a homemade vegetable soup. There’s a depth and charm to the music that will reach its way to your very core and give your heart a hug.

Lyrically, Wilson clearly has some issues on his mind and he’s not afraid to speak his mind through his lyrics – a trait so often missing in young songwriters who are much more concerned with putting together something catchy, rather than establishing their own signature voice. You’re spun a rich tapestry of topics, laid out as distractions to keep our host from finding out exactly how his subject is feeling. There are motivational lyrics that will help to build your confidence and, thanks to the safe-sounding nature of the voice, make you feel truly appreciated for simply being yourself. For me, the sound of the song is best encapsulated by the warmth of the double bass as it plods along as there’s a real sense of security and good feeling intertwined with the aural beauties that confront your ears.

Whatever you want to talk about, why not let Hugh Wilson serenade you with his dulcet tones and masterful musical composition. There’s no place like home.

Ciaran Steward

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