Flyte – False Alarm

flyetHow can a B-side sound so good? I haven’t found my ears enticed by a track relegated to the second side of the record since ‘The Masterplan‘. Though ‘Light Me Up‘ may well have been the obvious choice for the single, Flyte have put together another corker in the form of ‘False Alarm‘ that has echoes of semi-psychedelic sounds from The Beatles, completely with both an enticing vocal riff and one of the best pieces of instrumentation you’ll hear this year.

It’s a bit slower than the other side of the record, with a plodding beat driven by a bassline that opts to stroll rather than walk – with the occasional skip thrown in for good measure. Whilst there isn’t a weak link in the music to be heard, my ears can’t help be drawn in by the artful storytelling and open emotions of Will Taylor as he acts as a spirit guide through tales of past experiences that see personal tales of woe interwoven with streaks of poetic glory. And what harmonies, oh boy!

There’s something rather special about Flyte‘s music, the fact that they’re able to release two incredible songs both filled with such different types of charm shows that these lads have got something that will surely make others envious.

Perfect tea-time listening.

Ciaran Steward

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