City Reign – Disappear

Screen shot 2014-11-27 at 16.31.45Nothing beats a classic bit of guitar-heavy rock that’s full of energy. There’s no chance of this one disappearing(HAHAHA, SEE WHAT I DID THERE? I’M BRILLIANT!*) into the waves of guitar-based songs already hitting headphones and stereos across the country as City Reign are able to put together a sound that’s full of character whilst beholding essences of various musical styles – something that will no doubt turn swathes of potential fans into avid followers.

What is it that makes this sound so great? For starters there’s the instantly memorable chorus that keeps the song from becoming too bogged down by the sheer force of the guitars, and then there’s the guitars themselves – produced brilliantly to provide a murky sound that allows the tales of woe to seep through the gaps and complete a mood throughout the verses which lies somewhere between disdain and regret. Whilst the lead vocals may be impressive in their force and tone, they are by no means relied upon to make this song the powerhouse that it is – each and every one of them contributes to this truly complete sound.

There’s not anything particularly new about these sounds from City Reign but they’re putting out music that most certainly has an audience and there’s no denying that this is music that’ll make you get up on your feet.

Ciaran Steward

(*Yes, I know, I hate me too. Sorry)

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