I Have Been Mostly Listening To #17

As Christmas time rolls around once again, as it always seems to inexplicably at this time of year, some of you might be thinking that I’ll be opting to start compiling a Christmas playlist. You would be rather wrong as it would only be filled with the same songs that you’d expect to hear in most Christmas playlists. However, there are some end of year treats that will be popping up throughout December so do make sure you keep an eye out for the occasional highlight reel or something a little different to the WCT norm.

This week’s playlist is indeed a highlights reel of sorts as I assemble my list of top 8 indie picks for the Ransom Note end of year parade, bringing some guitars to the otherwise synth/DJ heavy site. I may not have quite picked my top 8 yet but the next couple of weeks will see playlists of some of my favourite tracks that have graced the site’s pages since its inception in June. So, without any more of this pure waffle, here are 8 of the finest tracks I’ve heard this year, starting with one that’ll definitely make the shortlist;

Alright, so pick number 8 for this week isn’t really in contention for the top 8 of the year as PINS are a little too high-profile for my general coverage, but they’re far too amazing not to give any love to at all;

If any of these stand out for you as potential favourites, do let me know. I love to talk, if you hadn’t guessed.


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