Thea & The Wild – Heart Attack

Screen shot 2014-12-05 at 16.16.12Ah go on then, I’ve got my snazzy headphones on and my ears are being filled by some glorious sounds as the sky outside the window (soon to be replaced with a glorious view of some flats) is turning to grey despite it being spot on tea-time, 4’o’clock of course. This isn’t really tea-time music though, this is the music that I want to be hearing in a dark room, surrounded by hundreds of my peers looking up in awe at Thea & The Wild as they blow each and every audience member away effortlessly.

I’d give most things to be able to experience these sounds in person as there’s something rather unique about the sound – it isn’t quite pop, it isn’t quite indie, it’s just a little bit of everything and it brings all these influences together to result in a song that is emotionally draining, beautifully poetic and hauntingly deep. Maybe I could do without hearing the same lyric repeatedly for the chorus but it does really help to drive the point home before we’re able to drift away to a new world on the guitars, floating away to where the angels and retired cartoon characters go when they’ve had their fun.

It’s dark and light, delightful yet sorrowful and, ultimately, it’s an absolute must-listen.

Ciaran Steward

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