Faux Chateau – Betty

Screen shot 2014-12-05 at 16.59.48Ever wondered what The Smiths would sound like if they had added a little more of an African influence into their rhythm? Faux Chateau are the closest thing you’re likely to get to something that wonderful as they infuse sounds of Morrissey and Marr with drumming that would have Tony Allen and Art Blakey grinning from cheek to cheek.

There’s a wonderful rhythm running through this track as if it were a twisting and turning river running through the valley, it feels so free and at ease that the hypnotic guitars are able to get inside your head without even so much as a hint of their intrusion. Can’t beat a good bit of 5/4 to get your feet moving, giving your brain a good old workout at the same time. Whilst the familiarity of sounds reminiscent of the leading men from that Mancunian 80s band are a wonderful fit, I love the sound of ‘Betty‘ as it takes sounds both old and new and brings them together, culminating in aural fantasies that’ll have you calling out for more. Like whichever one of the S Club 7 girls that was. I want to say Hannah? I don’t care. Alright, I do a bit. But you don’t care.

This is an absolute corker, fitting given that the band’s name is also rather delightful. I thoroughly recommend listening to these lads as they’ve created something that’s incredibly intelligent and wonderfully infectious.

Ciaran Steward

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