False Heads – Fall Around

Screen shot 2014-12-05 at 15.13.01Bringing you the freshest music since June 2014, here’s a review of a track that has been on Soundcloud for 7 months. Yes, this really is the best place to discover new music. Honest. Despite the painful delay, there’s certainly no fault to be laid upon False Heads as for their end of the bargain (writing and recording the track) there can be no complaints whatsoever.

There’s a feisty angst to the track which has hallmarks of 90s grunge mixed in with some rather more classic rock orientated sounds. The resulting 3 minutes or so of music is a beast, coming complete with a chorus repetition that’ll find a tiny corner of your brain and lay dormant for weeks on end before striking once more in the most inappropriate moment. Shouting ‘You’re Dreaming!’ whilst in a budget meeting with your boss is certainly not good timing.

Nevertheless, there can be no regrets for whacking this on the stereo and getting together a mini-mosh pit in the living room. We’ve all done it. Right?

Ciaran Steward


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