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Rormix Picks #20

I’ve got that Tuesday feeling. Yes, that feeling that I haven’t written anything for today and that I’m being bailed out by the wonderful folks at Rormix. In all honesty, I have actually got a few things written but you’ll have to wait for a day or two – there are over 250 posts for you to sift through for cracking tunes if you get desperate. Anyway, have a gander at this week’s marvellous Rormix picks;

Autumn In June – Weeks

The sounds coming from Autumn in June’s backyard studio are in sharp contrast to the music you will hear palpitating from car speakers on the street outside. Taking a chance and breaking from the confines of a rap saturated environment, Autumn In June began creating an innovative fusion of pulsating rhythms and vocals reminiscent of British trip hop. This was an unexpected occurrence in one of LA’s most ghettoized communities, and quickly resulted in him adopting a name to reflect his misplacement in this world, Autumn In June.
With uncompromising lyrics and a desire to stay true to his urban roots, Autumn in June is using music to forge a path of innovation, breaking the mould of what is expected.
Autumn In June’s new album is available for free via his


Autumn In June



LionFace – Hunted

Lionface are a ‘Battle Pop’ band based out of Bristol. They started in late 2012 and have exploded, with reviews like ”..sonically stunning..”, ”..brilliantly twisted electronic pop..”, ”flawless, and surprising…the choruses of the 3 tracks will blow you into the new world” Its clear to see that Lionface are creating innovations that deserve more attention. Listen and become beguiled.




We Have Band – What Are Your People

We Have Band is a three-piece electronic music group from Manchester and London consisting of Darren Bancroft, as well as husband-and-wife duo Thomas Wegg-Prosser and Dede Wegg-Prosser. The band writes with guitars, bass, synthesizers, soft synthesizers, percussion, drum machines and drum samples. Within a few months of working together the band had the collection of songs that formed the backbone of their debut album.

we have band



Unknown Component – For All Intents & Purposes

Unknown Component is the music project of Keith Lynch. The project is currently based out of central Iowa and features Lynch on guitars, vocals, piano and drums. Lynch is a musician and a producer who plays every instrument on all of the Unknown Component recordings. He is also credited with recording and mixing every album in his own independent studio.

unknown component



Lisbon – Natïve

Alt-Pop four-piece Lisbon hail from the wonderful coastal town of Whitley Bay near Newcastle. The band’s first single release received national acclaim, played by the likes of Greg James and Huw Stephens on Radio 1 as BBC Introducing’s track of the week.

Lisbon have recently been compared to the likes of Little Comets and Foals, a rather magical combination. Unforgettable guitar riffs, captivating choruses, songs full of energy.






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  1. Love that Autumn In June video, such a dope song! Gonna download the album tonight I thinks 🙂 Thanks for introducing me to all this new music!

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