Hollow People – Record Like Life

Screen shot 2014-12-31 at 11.22.24Right, I’ve got this week off work so I’ll be smashing my way through as many reviews as possible – some of which you might have to wait to read, just so that I can have something going up every day for a while. What a novelty. Anyway, kicking off this new run of reviews is a belter from Hollow People.

Aged just 17 when they first got in touch (though they’re probably in their mid-20s by now), this Brummie 5-piece have got a rather mish-mash sound that feels like music made in a garage, the traditional method for perfecting your trade. Though the recording may be a little rough around the edges there’s plenty of potential within these sounds, particularly the rhythm section that oozes essences of an in-form RHCP sound whilst the lead guitar uses sounds that we’ve heard before to present riffs that are modern takes on classics – it definitely needs a bit of work, and an awful lot of tidying up, but there’s certainly some talent hidden away in those fingers.

George Stanhope’s voice acts as a superb guide along our musical journey and his lyrics add a level of intrigue that’ll hook you in like a cat transfixed by the tail of a risk-taking mouse. Whilst we’re never quite taken to that next level needed to blow you away, these lads are clearly hard workers and I’m looking forward to hearing their upcoming EP.

Practice, in time, will make perfect.

Ciaran Steward

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