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Rormix Picks #21

Oh boy, I probably owe a large number of people a selection of individual apologies for not writing for the last week or two – here’s my blanket I’M SORRY to all of you but I needed a wee break so that I could do my day job, Christmas shopping and general have the first few actually days off that I’ve had in as long as I can remember.

Anyway, all that is why you’re now looking at last week’s Rormix picks – there may be a delay in their arrival but there’s not lowering in their quality. So here are last week’s Rormix picks, this week. I’m sure you understand.

Go Go Berlin – Hope For The Hopeless

Go Go Berlin are a band of Danish retro rockers who began making music together in 2010. Their traditional rock’n’roll values and demanding live shows have thrilled audiences across the globe already. From the mesmerising stage presence of frontman Christian Vium and the airtight performances from Anders, Mikkel, Emil and Christoffer have seen the band receive feedback from some very big names in music press.

go go berlin


Prides – Messiah

Scottish synthpop band Prides released their EP The Seeds You Sow earlier this year, which featured the awesome single ‘Messiah’. After releasing their first single just one year ago, their energetic and addictive pop has seeped it’s way into the US and they’re on the right track to become a huge hit there. Definitely worth keeping an eye on these guys.



Holychild – Every Time I Fall

Earlier this year we saw the release of Holychild’s EP Mindspeak, their first EP since signing to Glassnote. ‘Every Time I Fall’ is definitely a highlight, with guitars riffs that make your eyes water and intense yet effortless vocals. A bouncy yet floaty noise pop classic.



Ex Cops – Black Soap

‘Black Soap’ was the first song released from impossibly cool duo Ex Cops’ album Daggers. Filmed using 16mm in a world where DSLR’s are available to anyone, the video fits perfectly with the duo’s impressive aesthetic. Filled with 90′s angst and a definite dreamy nod towards shoegaze – ‘Black Soap’ has definite arena-filling potential. Watch this space.

ex cops


Slaptop – Sunrise

This track has been a particular Rormix HQ favourite – the latest offering from Slaptop in the form of their video ‘Sunrise’. They have opted for a catchy vocal which really does kick off the song with a difference – we’re sure these guys are going to be a big new name in dance and electronica.



Lovely stuff, more from me shortly.


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