Rony Trio – Mystery

Screen shot 2014-12-31 at 12.15.42Why not get into the party spirit with this jazz-fuelled beauty from Rony Trio? You’ll struggle to find another song that’ll give you such a warm feeling inside as this one does even if you spend all of 2015 searching. It’s like listening to Jack Johnson at his peak, only you’re not subjected to a topless man sitting on a beach making you feel bad about your love for chocolate and alcohol…

This song is as smooth as can be, with basslines that fill you with a sense of optimism accompanying a welcoming voice and acoustic guitar, all supported by some rather exquisite drumming, there’s such a buzz surrounding this sound that it’s a must-have for any party playlist. Though ‘Mystery‘ might be the aim of the game there are no hidden extremities within this cheery, melodic infusion of the purest good intentions and even the grinchiest among you will struggle to keep your urge to smile under wraps.

What a wonderful mood Rony Trio create with this delightful, uplifting song and their wonderfully positive intentions continue to a charity fundraising gig for King’s College Hospital on 8th January at Tamesis Dock.

Good times all round.

Ciaran Steward

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