Les Bonbons – Dans La Lumiere

lesbonC’est magnifique! And that’s just about all the French I can muster, a weak tribute to the powerful effect that the charming delights of Les Bonbons will have on your body. Whether the vocals make you weak at the knees or the harmonies send your head spinning or, and this is a long shot, the percussive sounds have a peculiar effect on your heartbeat, it’ll be hard to escape from the flowing aural pleasures presented in this thoughtful, mesmerising presentation.

Though there may be wondrous sounds throughout, I’m going to focus on the final third of song as this is when it most makes me remember why I love music so much. There are shades of everything from Christy Moore to over-familiar pop ballads to the finer sounds of The Verve, all entwined to create a single, masterful work of genuine musical art. The instruments combine to create an enthralling overall sound, none of them ever feel a need to try and stand out above the rest as they so clearly do their best work when everyone is reading from the same song-sheet.

With beautiful harmonies reminiscent of when Coldplay were worth listing to, Les Bonbons have put together a truly splendid offering that’ll have you swaying to and fro with your loved ones until the skies turn blue once more.

Ciaran Steward

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