Record/Start – Rock From Afar

1502450_706847456108735_1368358228227718328_oIt’s time to head back to the 90s and familiar sounds like Weezer, Smash Mouth and so on and so forth. Remember how big Smash Mouth were? And how good was Mystery Men? Alright, it’s pretty easy to establish that the 90s came back with a short-back-and-sides vengeance in 2014 and Record/Start rabble have clearly cottoned onto this and created a track that’ll have you reminiscing about when Oasis and Blur weren’t middle-aged men with cheese farms, clothing lines or songs about elephants. Oh right, the review. I’m getting there…

High-octane music always runs the risk of sounding a little mindless and repetitive yet there’s definitely enough about ‘Rock From Afar‘ to allow the song to keep its head high above the deluge of tired, predictable offerings of a similar style. The softer touches are what makes the song stand out so much, whilst the distorted guitars play up to the stereotypical aspects of the genres the vocals aren’t afraid to make some changes and they, along with the falsetto harmonies, provide enough interest to keep your eyes wide open – listen out for some of the supporting instrumentations as it too plays a huge part in keeping the listener on their toes.

There’s a limit to how much you can achieve with music like this but Record/Start would certainly not sound out of place on a Tony Hawk soundtrack or… Sorry, I’m showing my age, just listen to the track and I’ll let it do the talking.

Ciaran Steward

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