San Fermin – Parasites

Screen shot 2015-01-02 at 12.37.36Oh sweet intrigue, how you make the blood run ever faster through my veins and my bones chill as if there’s something terrifying hiding just around the corner. After several listens I’m still not quite able to wrap my head the whole way around this offering from San Fermin but what I do know is that they have most certainly captured my attention with their ever-changing song that feels as though you’re caught between two conflicting radio stations in the days before digital.

It’s a cacophony of inter-connecting sounds that eventually come together after playing more tricks on your mind than Derren Brown could fit into such a short period of time. There are catchy vocal hooks on offer, the opening line in particular is presented with such a perfect delivery that’ll make you sit up straight and pay attention within an instant. What makes the song so unique is the bizarre selection of instrumentation and the baffling range of influencing genres, I’m still hard pushed to pigeonhole this sound into any particular category – I’ve never come across anything quite like it. This level of invention and ingenuity is exactly what we should be encouraging in new music and it seems as though someone has finally been able to crack the code on how we start making music unlike anything that has gone before.

It may be well outside the realm of easy listening but if you approach ‘Parasite‘ with an open mind you might just find yourself questioning everything you thought you knew about music.

Ciaran Steward

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