Luke Cusato – All Over You

Screen shot 2015-01-02 at 14.36.12I first came across Luke Cusato a couple of years ago at a Cosmo Jarvis gig (which I was reviewing for a publication that will remain unnamed because they never printed my review or indeed the interview with Mr Jarvis… Not that I’m bitter or anything. Honest.) and instantly fell head over heels for his truly distinguished voice. Never before had I come across someone who seemed so in tune with the music they were making and Luke’s emotions filled the room far more than I’ve seen from a support act past or present.

Luke’s track ‘All Over You‘ is a wonderful showcase of both his impressive vocals talents and his featherweight touch on a piano, each chord is as rife with feeling as you’d usually hear in an entire ballad. This isn’t really the sort of music that generally strikes a chord with me but there’s something wonderfully honest about Luke’s approach to songwriting that makes his aural soundscapes so appealing. Sure, it may be essentially a pop ballad but it’s far more intellectual and listen-worthy than anything of a similar vein that you’re likely to hear on the radio any time soon. The lad is even able to harmonise with himself with wave upon wave of his incredible voice lapping at your ears and pulling you further into his glorious musical world.

Utterly flawless.

Ciaran Steward

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