Handful #1: Arctic Maps

Right, I’m trying something new so bear with me. Rather than you having to put up with my musical tastes all the time I’ve found a way to give some great bands the opportunity to let the world know which songs inspire them. And so, after wittily thinking of a name based on the fact they’ll be picking 5 tracks, we kick off this new series with exquisite duo Arctic Maps. Below are 5 tracks they love, including (of course) one by an unsigned band. But first, here’s a little taste of the pair before I hand over the reigns to them;

Today Has Been Okay (Emiliana Torrini)

We’re massive fans of heaps of the music coming out of Iceland over the last 10 years. This song is whimsical and mellow but really makes every bad day feel good. Perfect with a cup of tea on a rainy morning at home.

Tap At My Window (Laura Marling)

Part gentle love song, part regret letter to parents, love the build in the middle. Laura Marling has some fantastic songs, we’re also super excited that she’s releasing a new album in 2015!

Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? (She and Him)

Our silly drummer hadn’t actually realized Zoeey Deschanel was the singer in She and Him (despite watching 500 Days of Summer) until doing this feature… While the lyrics are about longing for love, this is really a massive let your hair down, feel-good song.

Coffee (Sylvan Esso)

On a slightly more electronic bent, Sylvan Esso are one of our favourite up and coming artists of 2014. The combination of production and vocals is incredible and the way they weave together is beautiful. This song is definitely an influence on our new music and we’re pretty excited for you guys to hear it (our new music… but also this song :P)!

Mumma Let Me Go (Hue Blanes)

Melbourne pianist/singer Hue Blanes is a fantastic local talent. His gigs are always small venues but always packed out. Hue’s songs (especially this one) are great lyrically and backed up with a simple pop sensibility that never gets in the way. He released this album (Sad Songs Make Me Happy) in 2014, if you ever get a chance to see him play you’ve gotta do it.

If you want to submit your own ‘handful’, use the form here.

Ciaran Steward

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