Victory Kicks – I Got Drunk (I Called You Up)

Screen shot 2015-01-02 at 14.26.17If I could get this much passion into two minutes perhaps I wouldn’t be single. The sounds that Victory Kicks manage to squeeze into just under two minutes is astounding, never before have I been this inclined to shout WHERE’S THE REST OF IT? at a track as I was enjoying myself far too much to let the experience end.

Opening with what I first misjudged as yet another acoustic ballad, the force of everything coming into fruition makes for pleasant hearing indeed. There’s some level of distraction to the voice which simply adds further to the mystery behind the song. Then again, who amongst us can remember paying full attention to anything at all on a night of drinking? Or the day afterwards. Perhaps even the morning after that. The various timbres that combine to smash through your windows like an emotional ninja (no, I don’t know what one of those is either, maybe he just has allergies?) make for a must-listen track that’ll have your head nodding away in agreement as if you were a dog advertising car insurance with Dawn French.

Do I think this song is brilliant? Oh yes!

Ciaran Steward

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