Troves – Afterthought

Screen shot 2015-01-04 at 15.29.50Though the opening lyric may be insisting that this is reality, I can’t help but feel like I trapped in a dream when I listen to this corker from Troves. There’s an atmosphere of uncertainty that lingers throughout and, though I’m not a massive fan of repetition, the chorus is absolutely mesmerising and I feel as though I’m left stranded after a fierce pursuit of a furry little creature through his rapidly widening warren.

Every now and again I’ll pass a landmark but it seems as though everything is being flushed away as this chase of epic proportions takes place and eventually I find myself in an empty space, larger than I could have ever imagined as music flies at me from every direction. It’s impossible not to become completely overwhelmed with emotion and as I try to wake myself from this swiftly developing dream, a nourishing voice comes to my aid and pulls me out of the darkness, into a warmth that can only mean the ordeal is over and my eyes are once again opened.

There’s something wonderfully magical about the vibe that Troves are able to capture with this precise 3 minute track, if you close your eyes you might just find yourself going on an adventure too.

Ciaran Steward

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