Coracle – Running

Screen shot 2015-01-04 at 15.47.40As I got my head back into the world of electronic music with a return to the day job this week I felt it only fitting to give Coracle another listen. He’s an incredibly talented individual and I’ve genuinely enjoyed listening to the various aural delights that he’s sent my way. With this latest offering, however, he’s surpassed himself.

The vocals of Emma Lucy are key to the charm of the track and working with such a talented vocalist has really helped to elevate Coracle’s sounds to the next level. Sure, there might be a fair few predictable clichés within the music but if it was all entirely new then there would be few that would give it the time of day. What does make this track so special, in my opinion at least, is the artful way in which each sound is curated and the culmination of the time and effort devoted to this track makes for a piece of music that should be allowed to grace as many ears as possible.

WIth plenty of soothing synth sounds combined with a delightful vocal and a host of electronic music hallmarks, Coracle has somehow managed to make me enjoy this sort of music in a way I never had before. Now that’s a surprise.

Ciaran Steward

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