Rob Bravery – A Calendar Life

Screen shot 2015-01-04 at 15.56.18Rob Bravery joins the exclusive ranks of the very few artists that have managed to get multiple reviews from me, he must be pretty handy at this music stuff then. Once again Rob’s charming voice provides a nourishment for a soul that can only be filled by the most talented of vocalists.

This downtempo waltz is utterly captivating and Rob’s voice sings sweet lullabies that’ll make your ears feel like they’re resting on tiny pillows, scented with the freshest morning dew. I could quite happily listen to this on repeat until I fell asleep, that’s meant in a positive way of course. The sound is as delectable as can be, perhaps this is the aural equivalent of eating fine chocolate. Or even the musical version of a morning spent cuddled up in bed with a loved one. As Rob’s voice comes at you from all directions, creating marvellous harmonies, there’s a sense of security that floods the air and it’s easy to know that you’re being looked after by a safe pair of hands.

Maybe this is what a hug would sound like.

Ciaran Steward

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