Wonder Villains – Golden Five

1272997_10151826329794557_337546211_oA bugbear of mine has always been when bands use syllables like ‘la’ or ‘ooo’ instead of real words, it’s always felt a little bit like they’ve been unable to muster any more words. That being said, the effect is certainly in full flow with this beaut from Wonder Villains and the attention-grabbing nonsense syllables do indeed make me love this song that little bit more.

Once you get over the Boys Don’t Cry likeness you can begin to appreciate how wonderful the wispy vocals are, how the harmonies manage to float away on angelic clouds without ever losing touch with the rest of the band and how the main synth refrain is incredible effective without having to do very much at all. The 4-piece band gel magnificently well and there’s everything from rampaging drums and guitars mixed in with uplifting lyrics and a daydream-esque feel in places, resulting in a track that’s just like everything you’ve heard before but somehow something unique and irrepressible. Sure, there are a few musical clichés to put up with but frankly these things have become clichés for a reason.

Golden Five‘ makes for a joyous few minutes of musical indulgence and it’s hard to reach the end of the song without a cheshire cat grin planted firmly across your face.

Ciaran Steward

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