Rormix Picks

Rormix Picks #23

Come on 2015, is that all you’ve got? Though I may have spent the last few days stuck in bed with the flu (no sympathy, please) there’s still plenty of great music being made and the folks at Rormix have got their finger well and truly on the pulse. So, without any further waffling from me, here are this week’s picks – you should know by now that clicking on the images will play you the videos, you’re smart enough to cotton on;

The Q’s – Can We Escape Tonight?

The Q’s began in November 2012. Their name Q’s was born after Dario (vocals, guitar) and Alessio (electric bass) watched the movie, 007 Skyfall, and they thought that it could be a great name for a rock’n’roll band. With their long time friend Valerio on drums, they began to jam and compose some material with the only objective to do the best rock music they can do.

the qs



Donora – Memory

Jake Hanner met the future lead singer of his band a few hours after she was born. He was disappointed she was a girl and cried. Eighteen years later, Jake got over it, and he and sister Casey decided to start a band.

Donora’s third full-length release on Rostrum Records is titled Ha Ha Heart. As the band puts it, this album is about letting go of everything that is holding you back; it’s about celebrating who you are. Casey explains, “We wanted to be as honest as we could be with this album. From the creative process, to the music itself, to the artwork… This is us.”




Bellevue – Breathe

Bellevue are a pop/ Indie band based out of Paris, France. They don’t give much away – but the music does it for them. There are definite links to the music of The 1975 and The Naked and Famous – with haunting vocals against a backdrop of summer inspired beats linking to the videos beach backdrop – well worth a watch.




Sullen Ray – Without You

Sullen Ray’s debut album Blue Minor does exactly what a debut album should do: show off the band’s chemistry while highlighting each member’s individual skills and history. Seth Eubanks bring his shoegaze-influenced guitar playing and musical writing to the album while Dee Clement’s vocals and lyrics add a sultry, poppy feel.

sullen ray



Skinny Bones – Sleep In

Skinny Bones is a folktronica duo from Jamaica Plain, MA. They explore the boundaries between acoustic and electronic, organic and inorganic, organised and field recording, all without losing sight of a pop framework. Both in studio and on stage, Skinny Bones is constantly looking for new ways to create sounds doing everything from playing a sack of coins to singing into a guitar.

skinny bones





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