Django Lumiere – A Blurring Of The Edges

1898417_607629149362924_600929049587797896_oRarely does a title manage to capture the opening phrases of an album as well as this yet Django Lumiere is able to blur the edges of the album’s essence as there’s always plenty going on that folds into a melting pot of musical excellence and carries you into a world of mystery. The lead culprit in this attention-grabbing style? His trusty guitar…

Though at times I find the guitar sounds on offer a tad too tinny for my personal preference, they regularly provide exquisite riffs and motifs that’ll play tricks on your mind and make you think much more than you may have been expecting to. This is incredibly intelligent music and there’s no doubting the awareness of the album’s composer for the finer musical details and the ways in which classical guitar can have a very relevant place in the world of rock music. In places it sounds as though it is ripped straight from the higher echelons of a music performance course, there are combinations between the instruments that you’d expect to hear in one of the smarter Rockschool pieces. It’s transcendent, almost hypnotic in places and if you take the time to sit down and listen to the whole album in full you’ll surely find yourself feeling greatly enriched by the experience.

There’s nothing quite like taking the time to put your feet up, put an album on and just let the world pass you by for a little while – with music like this, who needs television anyway?

Ciaran Steward

Listen to the album in full here.


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