Zygmunt Day & Echo Pressure – Prisoner II

Screen shot 2015-01-16 at 14.44.29After a rather bewitching introduction, this peach of a track from Zygmunt Day & Echo Pressure doesn’t take long to give you a little tease of what’s to come. The welcome use of the brass at such an early stage of proceedings keeps your ears perked up, anxiously waiting their return.

What’s strange about this track is that it manages to maintain a level of sparsity, due to the brilliant holding back of the drums which allows everything else a little more time to set itself before they make their eventual full entrance. There are also some basslines worth keeping an ear out for as the track progresses and gives each instrument a little more space to roam. However, at the heart of everything is vocal that spins yarns and acts as a crucial storyteller as the instruments surround it let the pleasure centre of your brain have a well deserved treat.

Oh, and there’s a glockenspiel thrown in for good measure. A RUDDY GLOCKENSPIEL! What more can you ask for???

Ciaran Steward

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