Ealswitha – Leader Of The Lost Boys

Screen shot 2015-01-14 at 20.21.22I often wonder what it would be like to have lead a life as one of the lost boys, or even Peter Pan himself, and never grown up. Then I realise I’m 22, working in the music industry and still giggle like a 10 year old schoolgirl. Growing up may just have passed me by. Still, lucky for Ealswitha Peter Pan has departed his Neverland role and left a rather capable band of musicians in charge.

Channelling folk in a way unlike any I’ve heard before there are big beats hidden in between the array of traditional instruments on offer and this song gets bigger than you’d have dared imagine it would from the opening few bars. Vocalist Francesca Ward is what drives this music to brilliance as she shows a truly impressive range and comfortably establishes herself as the leader of this not-so-ragtag bunch of musicians. Whilst there’s not an instrument putting even a little toe wrong I can’t help but find my ears pricking up at the sound of the piano, there’s something wonderfully attention-grabbing about the sound and it helps bridge the folk elements with their more mainstream musical compatriots.

This is a powerful tune that’ll have your ears sending mixed messages to your brain about whether or not you’ve made it to Neverland. Just to be safe, let’s agree we’re already there.

Ciaran Steward

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