Sheepy – Sheepy

740072_599821770087897_673842566_oGoing to have to kick this off with a massive apology to Sheepy as they’re one of the biggest victims of my previous poor time-keeping, I’ve had this CD at home for months and keep forgetting to actually write about it. So here goes…

With a lovely high-octane start it’s easy to work out what you’re in for with the album within the first few bars and if, like me, you’re someone who enjoys music that gets you pretending that you’re drumming no matter where you are then you’ll get right into this. The drumming is indeed a key element of the music’s power and, combined by a marauding bass, frantic guitars and a lead vocal that will have you reminiscing about listening to Green Day in good times gone by. There’s something just so reassuring about pop punk that’ll make it so much more of a hit with people in their twenties as we’ve already spent countless hours jumping around like fools to tunes like this, once again not really caring where we are or who can see us. I don’t envy the younger generation, if I’d spent my teenage years with 4G in my hand then I can’t imagine I’d have spent quite so much time playing music or embracing all the strange feelings that apparently you’re only supposed to have in those years. Oh right, the review.

If you like something with a bit of bite that’s going to get your motor running then I heartily endorse getting a bit of Sheepy in your ears and rocking out like there’s no tomorrow.

Ciaran Steward

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