Andy Unsworth – Better Than Zero

Screen shot 2015-01-16 at 15.29.49This feels much more like something I’d be listening to if I were a character on a sitcom or drama based at a high school or university. I can just imagine the music playing as I pack my bag for the final time or take the posters down as I prepare to move out of halls and live in the real world. So what am I doing listening to the montage-infused sounds from Andy Unsworth as I set at my desk, tea in hand whilst enjoy a relaxing weekend? Well… I can’t really answer that.

There’s everything you’d expect to hear played over footage of attractive young people glancing at each other knowingly, wondering if they’ll see each other after their Summer holidays or perhaps rejecting a tearful goodbye because they’re a man’s man and they can’t be seen to show any emotion. That being said, Mr Unsworth hear is certainly not afraid to let the emotions show as he leads his merry band on their travels through the various visual clichés my mind is conjuring up having spent far too many hours sat in front of a television, crying away at the lives of people who didn’t really exist. Right, the song, sorry…

If you’ve ever watch an episode of One Tree Hill, you’ll be right into this. Grab a tissue. Or five.

Ciaran Steward

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