Sweet Bump It – Animal

Screen shot 2015-01-17 at 12.35.12Ever come across a song in the middle of your day that makes you flinch like a dog that thinks he can hear a burglar outside? I’ve had that feeling far too often, perhaps due to my general canine-like tendencies, and the latest occurrence of this wonderful feeling came the very first time I listened to the sounds of Sweet Bump It.

Perhaps this feeling was brought on by the repetition of the words ‘the animal in you’ being stuck on repeat yet the catchy refrain is merely one element of this raw, animalistic state that has overcome me. I’m becoming fascinated by the drums as they pound away like the milkman’s steps along the garden path. I’m just so excited by every last sound that this track has to offer and the funky rhythms and ace guitar parts have been making my tail wag all afternoon.

There’s howling too. Is it another dog? I think it’s another dog!

Ciaran Steward

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