Maybe The Moon – Two Birthdays

Screen shot 2015-01-17 at 12.55.21The Queen gets two birthdays, why don’t the rest of us? As someone with a January birthday I’d love to have a day of getting presents at some point during those barren 11 months of having to watch other people being happy… Still, at least I can get the sounds of Maybe The Moon flooding through my ears with one of the finest examples of a soul-infused pop song to have graced my ears in a very long time indeed.

It has all the smoothness you’d expect at the last dance dance of a high class wedding and enough soul that you could imagine Barry White serenading the women of the world over this expertly crafted musical backing. Instead of the legendary soul man, we’re treated to a delightful female voice that floats lighter than a cloud above the rest of the music as if it would be second to the ground in a gravity race against a feather. There are some cracking synth melodies in here two and the beat is surprisingly big.

It’s not quite the perfect song to go with jelly and ice cream but for an adult birthday this is a great way to set a mood that will be appreciated by all.

Ciaran Steward

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